Venturing out of the whelping box

Check out our first blog post! These posts are meant for our puppies families and anyone interested in what the life of a miniature golden doodle breeder looks like.

Amid a pandemic and disruption of our normal routines, the rhythms of life go on and provide comfort in this unprecedented time. With the sunny weather, blooming flowers and warming temperatures, our litter left their whelping box and headed outdoors for the first time this week! At 3.5 weeks old the pups were excited, and eager to explore.

Five little puppies, wagging tails and endless giggles from my children made for a great morning! Even though my hands are obviously full in this picture my heart is happy to do it! Oh and please excuse the morning hair- it was my goal to get them out first thing this morning. The kids have been a great help and have taken on a lot of puppy responsibility willingly. Breeding these puppies is a family affair!

At first, Luna and Moon didn’t know what to expect from the dew drop laced grass. After some comforting snuggles they were of bounding after their more adventurous litter mates. Their destination? The sandbox!

Hubble and Luna stayed close to the kids in the sandbox sniffing around and eventually settling next to the girls and enjoying the scenery. Rover started to dig- which we quickly and gently corrected. Moon tasted the sand then decided to taste the grass. Star loved exploring our entire yard. And my 5 year old quickly became her self proclaimed “adventure guide.” It is so neat to see each of their personalities develop!

After about 20 minutes of exploring the puppies were ready to go back inside. They snuggled up in a furry heap and quickly fell asleep. When they wake we will quickly take them outside again, as potty training begins!

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