New Years Pups Are Here!

There is no better way to spend New Years Eve during Covid than with freshly born puppies! Penny gave birth to 7 pups last night. They are named following a New Years theme. Check out the adorable pups below:

Eve (Female)

The first pup born on New Years Eve!

Gala (Female)

Sophisticated and sweet, Gala was the second pup to join the party!

Bubbly (Female)

Right before midnight, Bubbly arrived just before the champagne began to flow!

Midnight (Male)

Born at 12:00 and 20 seconds, Midnight was the first pup of 2021! It’s going to be a good year with this little guy.

Hope (Female)

Hope shinned bright when this little girl arrived, as the first female pup of 2021!

Toast (Female)

Goodbye 2020 – This pup is one more reason to Toast to 2021!

Boomer (Male)

As the last fireworks shot into the sky, Boomer joined to close out the party with a bang!

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