Litter Updates

We couldn’t be more in love over here! The puppies are all starting to open their eyes and are working on learning how to walk. They have enjoyed hours of snuggles from our family and have been the perfect excuse for a movie night most nights.

Their little personalities are starting to come out as they awaken more and is so fun to see! Check out below for a cute picture of each pup!

Hope: Hope was the first pup to open her eyes. She is strong and a definite leader of the pack.
Gala: Gala is the largest pup! She is my daughter’s favorite. She is the first to work on her adorable barking skills!
Eve: Eve is living up to the runt personality! She is much smaller than the rest and also very calm.
Toast: Toast is so sweet and quite. She loves snuggling up with anyone who will hold her!
Boomer: Boomer has the cutest face! He is often found running in his sleep.
Midnight: Midnight is adorable and loves to sleep in the most awkward positions- including on his back with all four paws up in the air!
Bubbly: Bubble is my Son’s favorite. She has a beautiful dark coat and is often found laying on top of her brothers and sisters.

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