One Month Old!

The puppies are getting so big! They are running around and playing with each other more and more every day. Right now, my favorite sound in my house is their little developing barks- think Lion King! This last week, the puppies were introduced to large moving objects such as wagons and strollers as well as louder objects such as vacuum cleaners and fans. With three kids running around the house they are used to random loud noises and quick motions too! This early exposure helps to ensure that they won’t be anxious in similar environments later in life.

The puppies also started meeting their forever families this week. This is one of my favorite parts of being a breeder- getting to share in the joy others feel when they first meet or bring home their pup!

I will be sending out a document this week with all of the information needed to make the transition to their new homes as smooth as possible including, supplies lists, routines and schedules, favorite resources and much more. In the meantime, enjoy more cute pictures!


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