Puppy Application

Interested in one of our pups?

Please copy and fill out the below questions and email it to seattleminidoodles@gmail.com along with sending the $500 deposit via PayPal to seattleminidoodles@gmail.com or mailing/delivering a check or
money order to 17428 93 rd Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011. Puppies will be held in the order in
which deposit is received or check is successfully cashed. E.g. The first customer to pay the
deposit will have first choice of puppy from the litter.

Name ________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________City ________________State ________ Zip ____________ Phone (_____)________________ Email (please print clearly) ____________________________________ Occupation__________________________________________________________________

Who will take care of the puppy while you’re at work?________________________________

How long will the puppy be on its own each day?____________________________________

Why have you chosen a Goldendoodle for a pet? _______________________________

Have you owned a dog before? What happened to it? ___________________________

Does anyone in your home have pet allergies?______________________________________ Would you say they are Mild / Moderate / Severe

Do you have children?________________________________________________________ Do you have a fenced yard?______

Where will the dog sleep?________________________

Have you trained a puppy before?________________________________________________

Do you agree to sign and adhere to a spay/neuter contract in which you would agree to spay/neuter your pup before his/her 1st birthday and send proof to Seattle Mini Doodles by the time the pup is 13 months old? Yes / No

Are you prepared to care for this puppy his/her lifetime? _________________________
I agree to a non-refundable deposit. YES/NO
Puppy Preference: Gender Male/ Female/ Either

I have answered all the above questions truthfully.
Signature and date____________________________________________________________
Office Use Only
Position on list: _____________________________________________ Visitor policy discussed: ___________________________________________ Matchmaking process discussed: ____________________________________ Deposit paid (date):__________________________________________

Contact Us

17428 93rd Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011
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